Corporate Social Responsibility       

UTAX strives to be a good corporate citizen. Through its Management Team and through its employees, UTAX is committed to our parent company’s vision, the Kyocera Philosophy, which uses as its decision-making criterion the principle to “Do what is right as a human being”.

Through this philosophy, we work to advance our corporate citizenship, build relationships of mutual trust with stakeholders, and aim for sustainable grown whilst endeavouring to contribute to the healthy development of society.

The UTAX UK Ltd. Quality Policy

UTAX UK Ltd are committed to delivering an outstanding customer experience. >

Community Print Project

This initiative provides FREE printing services on an “As Agreed” basis to pre-approved community events and charitable activities across the UK. >

Social Contribution

UTAX understands the importance of encouraging positive social contribution. >


We recognise that our people are our greatest asset and key to continued growth. >

Data Protection & Information Security

Our Data Protection Policy is reviewed on a regular basis to ensure that we are compliant to the latest legislation. >

Environmental Issues

Our primary objective is to minimise our carbon footprint and any negative impact we may have on the environment. >