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Making document workflow tangible for customers

Specialist retailer Saueracker opens the first MPS theme park in Germany and shows exclusive UTAX solutions >

Fast, faster, fastest: UTAX printers now with SSD technology

Five new UTAX s/w laser printers print 40 to 60 pages per minute after a waiting time of only nine seconds >

UTAX-MFP are now working with NSi AutoStore

UTAX is now cooperating with a leading software provider – with NSi AutoStore, customers can now use UTAX-MFP more efficiently >

Good Start for UTAX

The company UTAX GmbH has had a very positive start to its new business year. In the first three months from April to Juns >

UTAX with new A3 models in the key segment

The DIN A3 b/w multifunctional systems 256i/306i are particularly user-friendly – The ideal MFP solution for the workplace and small teams >

UTAX with New Company Management

Christopher Rheidt brings extensive professional experience in the end-customer business with him – marketing expert to focus on supporting the specialist trade and brand... >

TA Triumph-Adler GmbH with New Management Structure

The current COO Guiscardo Pin is leaving the company, also giving up his management position at UTAX GmbH Norderstedt , 14. June 2012. As part of its future strategic... >

UTAX optimises office processes

In a modern working environment, characterised by a tension between increasing technicality and a longing for familiarity, the new MFP UTAX-2550ci is the reliable every day... >

Less printing costs for small and medium-sized businesses – information from the new campaign

Under the motto "Only UTAX UTAX", the B2B supplier directly addresses customers about print, online and social media for the first time - Provocative... >

UTAX enables mobile devices to print

New app connects tablets and smartphones to printers and multifunctional systems >

The most productive system in its class”: top marks for new high volume UTAX MFPs

Independent consumer organization Buyers Laboratory LLC. (BLI) grants awards to DIN A3 and A4 multifunctional systems for above average user friendliness and productivity. >

UTAX 1st place for best MFP and printer supplier 2012

UTAX (UK) Ltd are proud to announce the latest results of the Markt Intern testing >

UTAX (UK) Ltd announce the launch of their new 'tiered billing' system on the CDC 19XX series range

UTAX (UK) Ltd have revolutionised the way colour copying and printing is billed. >

UTAX (UK) Ltd announce latest results for A4 black and white multi-functional devices

The FACTS test was carried out in Germany where UTAX have been voted the number one photocopier supplier for the last 4 consecutive years.  >

CeBIT 2012, MPS-Park, Halle 3, Stand A24

Direct and indirect reduction of printing costs with UTAX smart >

Smart Consulting at CeBIT 2012: UTAX redefines document management

Smart Consulting at CeBIT 2012: UTAX redefines document management >

CD5135_CD 5230

Five new A4 MFPs for the workplace, reception and home office are high-performance, easy to use and energy-saving  >

CDC 5626


UTAX GmbH Celebrate 50 year (21st October 2011)

UTAX GmbH Celebrate 50 year Anniversary by hosting an International Specialist Trade Conference in Hamburg, Germany. >

UTAX Office Solutions Win Independent Test 20th October 2011

UTAX Office Solutions Win Independent Test for Four Devices in Current Range - Winning Awards for A4 and A3 Categories >

Limited Announces the Results of their recent Engineer of the Year Final

The 3rd Annual Engineer of the Year Competition was held at the Menzies Welcombe Hotel. Over 30 engineers from the UTAX (UK) Limited Business Partner network completed the quiz, with the top ten quali >

New Staff Appointment within Technical Division

UTAX (UK) Limited today announced the recent appointment of IT Technical Support Executive, Paul Young and Kerry Mutlow as Service Controller. >

50 years of UTAX International anniversary specialist trade conference in Hamburg

Norderstedt, 13 September 2011. On the occasion of its 50th company anniversary, UTAX GmbH, specialist provider of multifunctional systems (MFP) and software solutions. >

Accurate printing costs analysis, reliable printing and scanning with aQrate

The software Accounting4work aQrate from UTAX DocForms, a sister company of the printer and MFP supplier UTAX from Norderstedt, quickly provides increased transparency and data security in the field o >

Economical printing of medium and high volume print jobs with a DIN A3 system

UTAX supplements its portfolio of digital DIN A3 multifunction products by high-end solutions – Provides for individual configuration and efficient workflows – Users and retailers benefit from a new p >

UTAX provides more ease of use in the DIN A4 segment (July 2011)

The first DIN A4 MFP with open network interface from UTAX – users benefit from high level of operating comfort due to preset workflows >

UTAX continues to grow in the ‚bread-and-butter‘ segment (Juli 2011)

UTAX refreshes its product portfolio with new digital black/white DIN A3 multifunction systems / Retailers benefit from the uniform product concept with regard to operation and accessories, and the us >

Large format, small expenditure (Juli 2011)

UTAX introduces its new large-format copy/plot systems, i.e. XC 9124 und XC 9148 >

Strong Colour Systems from S to XL (June 2011)

With the new digital DIN A3 colour multifunction systems, UTAX strengthens its high quality standards for colour systems, final print and productivity - retailer and user benefit from standardized con >

Anniversary: UTAX turns 50 (May 2011)

Specialist retail brand for professional multi-functional systems celebrates its birthday with a new brand presence >

UTAX strengthens its partnership (May 2011)

Planned expansion of channel services >

Utax DocForms GmbH integrates Abbyy OCR technology (April 2011)

Digitisation, editing and archiving of documents from a single source - Easier integration of hardware into IT networks >

UTAX wins multiple awards (April 2011)

Buyers Lab Inc., an independent consumer lab, recommends UTAX brand printers and presents the German company with its ‘Product Line of the Year’, ‘Outstanding Energy Efficiency’ and other awards. >

Utax is the first choice of specialist retailers (April 2011)

Specialist retail partners once again rate the Nordstedt company the best supplier of copiers and MFPs, printers and fax systems – Survey results from the markt intern industry service >

UTAX moves rapidly into new market segments (April 2011)

UTAX launches line of MFPs based on a new product concept >

Utax and Büroring sign strategic partnership (March 2011)

Growth through dealer service concept >

New compact colour laser printer from Utax (Jan 2011)

High-grade image quality – Wide variety of functions – Ease of operation >

b/w Laser Printers LP 3130 (August 2010)

Small but impressive. UTAX GmbH has rounded off its product range in A4 black and white printing with the new LP 3130 b/w laser printer. This reliable system can fit in any office thanks to its compac >

Simply versatile: UTAX launches two universal b/w multifunctional A4 systems (July 2010)

The CD 1340 and CD 1440 digital multifunctional systems are the latest additions to the UTAX product line-up. These reliable, all-in-one solutions are ideally suited for use in mid-size departments or >

b/w Laser Printers LP 3135/3335 (July 2010)

The two new mono laser printers LP 3135 and LP 3335, from UTAX, are reliable and productive and are equally applicable for individual use or in a small team. >

CD 1430: b/w Multifunctional System for Small Departments (March 2010)

The new b/w multifuncional system UTAX CD 1430 offers copying, printing scanning as well as optional faxing. It is especially suitable for use in medium-sized teams or small departments.  >

CDC 1850: A3 Multifunctional Colour System for Individual Applications (March 2010)

With the new A3 multifunctional colour system CDC 1850 UTAX is presenting a productive solution for larger departments for copying, printing, scanning and optional faxing. >

CLP 3630: A4 Colour Printer for Office Environments (March 2010)

The new A4 colour printer UTAX CLP 3630 is suitable for use in office environments with mid-size print volume.  >

CLP 3550: Productive A3 Colour Printer (January 2010)

The new A3 colour printer UTAX CLP 3550 is suitable for use in office environments with mid- to high volume print jobs.  >

UTAX CD 1242 / CD 1252: b/w Multifunctional Systems (December 2009)

The new b/w multifunctional systems UTAX CD 1242 and CD 1252 offer productive printing, copying and scanning as well as optional faxing in an effective manner. >

UTAX CD 1162 / CD 1182: High Volume Systems (November 2009)

With the models CD 1162 and CD 1182 UTAX GmbH is presenting two new b/w digital copier systems for high volume applications.  >

CD 1218 and CD 1222: Digital A3 Copying and Printing Systems (November 2009)

The b/w copying and printing systems UTAX CD 1218 and CD 1222 are suitable for use in smaller teams and departments. >

UTAX CD 1118: Digital b/w copying system for small office environments (October 2009)

The digital b/w copying system UTAX CD 1118 is suitable for use in small office environments. >

b/w MFP CD 1028 / CD 1128 (September 2009)

The new UTAX b/w multifunctional systems CD 1028 and CD 1128 are suitable for small to medium office environments. With copy, print and scan functions and, in the case of the CD 1128, even a fax funct >

Colour Printer CLP 3635 (July 2009)

The new UTAX colour printer CLP 3635 creates high-quality presentation documents, proposals or graphics. It is suitable for use in office environments with print jobs of mid and higher volumes. >

Retirement of Managing Director Georg Köhler (Dezember 2008)

UTAX GmbH, headquartered in the German town of Norderstedt, is announcing a change in personnel: Managing Director Georg Köhler (51) is leaving the company at his own request on 31 December 2008.  >

Multifunctional Colour Systems CDC 1725/1730/1740/1840 (January 2009)

The four multifunctional colour systems CDC 1725, CDC 1730, CDC 1740 and CDC 1840 represent UTAX GmbH’s latest models for use in office environments.  >

b/w Laser Printers LP 3230/3235/3240/3245 (January 2009)

The four new b/w laser printers LP 3230, LP 3235, LP 3240 and LP 3245 from UTAX cover the entire operational spectrum, from small teams to medium and large working groups.  >

Wide Format System XC 9048 (January 2009)

With the high-performance XC 9048, UTAX GmbH introduces a new digital wide format copying system.  >

UTAX CD 1330: b/w Multifunctional System for Medium-sized Work Groups (November 2008)

With the model CD 1330, UTAX GmbH presents a further b/w multifunctional system for printing, copying, scanning and optional faxing. >

Takeover Offer Of Kyocera Mita for TA Triumph-Adler AG - Continuation of Brand Strategy

UTAX GmbH emphasises the further autonomy of the UTAX brand within TA Triumph-Adler AG. Both the UTAX and the TA Triumph-Adler brands will be enhanced independently also in future. >

CLP 3521, CLP 3621 and CLP 3626 - A4 Colour Printers for Office Environment (November 2008)

The three new UTAX colour printers CLP 3521, CLP 3621 and CLP 3626 are suitable for use in smaller up to larger working groups. They enable the entry into colour document printing as well as the outpu >

UTAX (UK) Ltd announces double digit growth for 2nd year running

UTAX (UK) Limited today announced audited financial results for the year ending 30th December 2007 >

b/w Laser Printers LP 3128 and LP 3228 (February 2008)

The new UTAX b/w laser printers LP 3128 and LP 3228 offer high productivity, reliability and performance. >

UTAX CD 1325: b/w MFP for small and medium-sized work groups (October 2007)

With the model CD 1325, UTAX GmbH presents a further b/w multifunctional system for printing, copying, scanning and optional faxing. >

Colour Systems CDC 1625, CDC 1632 and CDC 1635 (July 2007)

With the models CDC 1625, CDC 1632 and CDC 1635 UTAX GmbH presents three new multifunctional colour systems for use both in small teams and larger work groups. >

UTAX GmbH: Successful financial Year 2006

UTAX GmbH looks back on a successful financial year in 2006. >

UTAX Colour Printers: CLP 3316 and CLP 3520 (October 2006)

The two new UTAX colour printers CLP 3316 and CLP 3520 are designed for use in smaller teams and working groups. >

Medium-term give-up of division "Presentation and Media Technology" (October 2006)

UTAX GmbH announces the medium-term give-up of its division "Presentation and Media Technology". >

CD 1316: Digital Multifunctional System (October 2006)

The new UTAX digital multifunctional system CD 13116 offers a great variety of functions within a small place. >

Digital Wide Format System XC 9036 (August 2006)

UTAX GmbH presents a new, wide format digital system with the powerful XC 9036. >

UTAX b/w laser printers: LP 3140 and LP 3151 (August 2006)

UTAX GmbH is presenting two new high performance b/w laser printers: LP 3140 and LP 3151. >

Product Range Multifunctional Systems: CD 1230, CD 1240 and CD 1250 (July 2006)

The new UTAX multifunctional systems CD 1230, CD 1240 and CD 1250 offer, besides copying, also the printing and scanning functions as standard. >

UTAX Laser Fax Family: FAX 542 (July 2006)

UTAX GmbH is presenting a new laser fax system for multifunctional office use: FAX 542. >

UTAX Colour Systems: CDC 1520, CDC 1525 and CDC 1532 (June 2006)

UTAX GmbH extends its product range in the colour segment. The company presents three new multifunctional colour systems: CDC 1520, CDC 1525 and CDC 1532. >

Analogue Wide Format System XC 9020 (June 2006)

UTAX GmbH is presenting a new wide format analogue system: XC 9020. >

UTAX CONSULTING: Cutting the cost of printing

UTAX (UK) Limited in partnership with Team Group Technolgies Limited have helped Holmesdale Building Society to make impressive long-term savin... >

b/w Laser Printers: LP 3035 and LP 3045 (May 2006)

UTAX GmbH is presenting two new b/w laser printers designed for central use via a network: LP 3035 and LP 3045. >

b/w Laser Printer: LP 3030 (April 2006)

UTAX´s new b/w laser printer, the LP 3030, is useful for localised workstation use. >

Successful Financial Year 2005 (March 2006)

UTAX GmbH looks back on a successful financial year in 2005. >

UTAX Digital Copier System: CD 1216 (February 2006)

With the model CD 1216, UTAX GmbH is presenting a new digital copying system that can be extended easily.  >

b/w Laser Printer: LP 3022 (February 2006)

UTAX GmbH is presenting a further b/w laser printer model, LP 3022. >

UTAX Digital Copier Systems: CD 1060 / CD 1080 (August 2005)

UTAX GmbH ist presenting two new digital copier systems. The models CD 1060 and CD 1080 round off the brand´s high volume product range. >

b/w Laser Printers: LP 3036 and LP 3051 (June 2005)

UTAX GmbH is presenting two high performance printers: the b/w laser printers LP 3035 and LP 3045. >

UTAX Colour Printers: CLP 3526 (May 2005)

The CLP 3526 is the first UTAX colour printer that outputs colour also in A3+. >

UTAX Multifunctional Systems: CD 1018 (April 2005)

The new multifunctional system CD 1018 provides copying, printing, faxing and scanning in a single compact unit. >

UTAX Colour Printers: CLP 3416 and CLP 3524 (April 2005)

The two new UTAX CLP 3416 and CLP 3524 colour printers are designed for use by small-scale workgroups and teams. >

b/w Laser Printer: LP 3118 (March 2005)

The UTAX b/w laser printer LP 3118 is designed for localised workstation use. A network option is also available.  >

UTAX GmbH: Positive business development also in 2004 (February 2005)

UTAX GmbH closed the 2004 financial year again very successfully. >