QuickPrint SMB       

Cut costs and free up storage space by managing and storing popular forms, documents and templates on a central server and accessing direct from a UTAX MFP.

Providing frequently required documents and forms in an efficient manner is a challenge for many organisations. The forms and documents must be kept up-to-date, and be quickly accessible by all relevant staff. With QuickPrint SMB, this headache and the associated costs are instantly removed.

QuickPrint SMB connects to a centrally managed server location, meaning administration staff can update as much or as little as required, and employees can print on demand - reducing the need to pre-print and store forms and documents when changes occur, or throw away out-dated versions.


  • Easy to use – access and print directly from the MFP with no PC required.
  • Easy to update – administration can update the server location remotely whenever they need to, with changes taking place immediately.
  • Saves money – documents are printed on demand, no need to pay for pre-printing or storage facilities.
  • Suits multiple industries including healthcare, education and logistics environments.