SmartScan & SmartFax       

SmartScan and SmartFax provide intuitive scanning to various locations, including fax addresses at the touch of a button.

Finding all of the correct settings for scanning and faxing can be lengthy and difficult for many organisations. With SmartScan and SmartFax you can set up one-click operations that makes scanning and faxing easy to use and save you valuable time.

With SmartScan various destinations are available, including e-mail, home directory and folders and allows you to change scan settings such as the colour mode or file format with the touch of a button.

With SmartScan and SmartFax, the MFP is turned into a fax machine that connects to your company’s fax server. Meaning it does not need a costly network card or its own fax line. Even more, as it accesses your company’s address book it simplifies and speeds up the faxing process.


  • Easy to use with one-click operations.
  • Saves time when faxing and scanning.
  • Improves user workflows and productivity.
  • Reduces costs attributed to faxing and reducing the risk of wrong handling.
  • Enables users to scan to fax, folder, email or personal folders at the touch of a button.