The UTAX UK Ltd. Quality Policy       

UTAX UK Ltd. are committed to delivering an outstanding customer experience.

Everyone within our organisation has been chosen and trained appropriately to complete their role as part of the wider objective. This is achieved through our policy to deliver in the following 4 areas.

Our Quality Objectives: -

  • Continual Growth for us and our partners
  • Productivity Improvements to maintain our current customer satisfaction ratings
  • Employee satisfaction maintained to retain and grow our talent
  • Continue to gain market share and high levels of customer satisfaction by delivering world class technological solutions, products and support.

Our Key values are: -

Delight Customers & Deliver on Commitment

Each customer deserves a personal and an exciting experience with each interaction between themselves and any member of our team. Any commitments made will be delivered on time and all members of staff are accountable for ensuring this happens.

Personal Integrity

Honest & ethical behaviour in relationships with customers and colleagues.

Continual Professional Development

Demonstrate continual professional development to deliver new and exciting solutions for our customers whilst creating an exciting and safe working environment where people can achieve their full potential.

Rely on each other

  • 100% effort, energy, and loyalty to the Team
  • Work for Team success by supporting each other and being able to rely on each other to deliver a first-class customer experience.
  • Contribute and share your ideas towards achieving the vision

This Policy is Authorised By Shaun Wilkinson, UTAX (UK) Ltd. Managing Director

Approved 21st February 2018. Next review date - February 2019