Solutions Packs        

Our software packs are essentially a mix of software, hardware and professional services that, when combined, produce a package of products bespoke to the clients’ needs with the flexibility to adapt and scale as required.

These packs are designed to give market leading, affordable software solutions that complement each other as we know that there is not a ‘one size fits all’.

We offer a range of packs designed for specific functions or vertical markets:


The GDPR Pack is designed to provide your customers with the best tools to assist with working towards GDPR compliancy. >


The CharityPack provides everything required to provide savings and accountability no matter what size of organisation.  >


The CorpPack provides a market leading choice of products and services to meet and exceed the requirements of today’s flexible corporate business.  >


An understanding of the importance of data security is key in this current age of digitisation. Remember, any print devices with a hard disk can store information and should be controlled. >


With the UTAX Productivity Pack you combine the advantages of a modern pull printing system with latest generation scan management. >


The digitisation of paper-based documents in terms of big data, Smart Data, Smart Services, mobile internet access, cloud computing and social media are all starting points and rapidly growing in impo >


Designed with software components that are especially focused towards sites that are not connected to a corporate network. >


Designed to ensure that Student / Staff printing and scanning is kept, and billed, separately and that print policies can be enforced. >


Government departments can accurately report on and reduce printing to meet budgets and inter departmental costs. >


Products specifically designed to provide security and ease of use while allowing the user to print, scan and fax at a local device. >


The LegalPack is a bespoke suite of products specifically designed to provide productive, secure and accountable document input and output. >